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There are 3 ways to be involved in Brown Alzheimer's Activists (BAA)! You, as an awesome member, can decide whether you want to participate in one, two, or all three of these options. Please note that BAA is not formally split into these 3 categories - each minute, week, or semester, you can change your mind about what you want to be involved in depending on your workload, time-consuming world domination plans, etc. Details are below, but you can also check out this overview doc.


Every Thursday at 7:30pm, we hold meetings that are always no more than 30 minutes! During every meeting, we plan events, vote on unresolved decisions, and watch and discuss either a cool video or mini-lecture related to Alzheimer's. Thankfully, this semester the meetings are back to in-person! The meetings will be over Zoom, at 7:30 pm EDT every other Thursday, in Page-Robinson Hall Room 402. 


Every week, we volunteer at Wingate Residences, the Northeast's primary provider of healthcare and hospitality for seniors, including those with dementia. No previous experience is needed to volunteer!


 We plan on sending encouraging care packages to various residences around the Rhode Island area. For more info on things such as February care packagesclick below!


Fundraisers and events are fun ways to raise awareness and donations for Alzheimer's research and patient care! Each year, we bring speakers, such as neurologists, to campus, hold fundraisers for Alzheimer's research and care, such as bake sales and benefit concerts, and participate in local RI events, such as the Walk to End Alzheimer's!


The goal of Brown Alzheimer's Activists is to raise awareness and donations for the fight against Alzheimer's. Events such as the Walk to End Alzheimer's, volunteering activities such as our weekly visits to Wingate Residences on the East Side, and other events, are the primary ways that we help those with the disease. Pictures displaying a variety of our activities can be seen below. 

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many residents, including those with Alzheimer's, are suffering from isolation, lack of stimulating activity, and more. In response, we've decided to start a care package project (described in detail under the "Care Packages" tab) in replacement of our normal volunteering and other events. Pictures of these care package are shown below!


Some residences and their residents have also written back! Their responses are also included below. 

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