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Past Events

Over the course of the year, our club has participated in multiple events in efforts to raise awareness and donations for Alzheimer's. An archive of our past events can be seen below. 

Panel Event - Spring 2021

Our spring panel event (The Forgotten Population of COVID-19: Dementia Patients and Caregivers) was just held March 31st! The meeting was recorded, and the video is attached below! Our panelists, Dr. Laura Stanton, and Allison Cipriano, each caregivers for dementia patients, gave talks about their experience with COVID-19, their passions behind their careers, stories about some of their patients, and more! 

Panel Event - Summer 2021

Our summer panel event (Neurology Q&A: Alzheimer's, Research, and Medication) was just held July 20th! The meeting was recorded, and the video is attached below! Our panelists, Dr. Lori Daiello and Dr. Brian Ott touched on Biogen's newly FDA-approved Alzheimer's drug, COVID-19, and more! 

Music Event

Our regular semester music event was held last on March 20th! The performance was recorded, and the video is attached below! We are grateful for those who collaborated (including the Brown University clubs Tunes For Change and Healing Through Harmony), as well as those who could attend! 

Panel Event - Fall 2020

Our inaugural panel event (Alzheimer's Disease: Frontiers in Biomed and Healthcare Research) was held last October! The meeting was recorded, and the video is attached below! Our panelists, Dr. Jonathan Drake, Dr. Laura Korthauer, Dr. Jill Harrison, and Dr. Stephen Salloway - all dementia experts here at Brown University, gave talks about their research on Alzheimer's disease, including biomarkers for preclinical dementia, person-centered care, drug development and more! 

Walk to End Alzheimer's

Every year, the Alzheimer's Association hosts a Walk to End Alzheimer's in multiple locations around the country. The aim of the walk is to raise donations and awareness about Alzheimer's to combat the disease. You can view some of our pictures from previous walks below! Even in 2020, our club held a safe and responsible walk around the Brown University campus. 

Advocacy Day

On Advocacy Day, our club and other representatives from the Alzheimer's Association help fight to make Alzheimer's legislation a priority for the Rhode Island state legislature. Every normal spring, our club walks to the Rhode Island State Capitol to discuss potential laws related to Alzheimer's with state representatives in hope that they pass them. Some pictures from previous advocacy days are shown below! 

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