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At least every other week, we normally go to Wingate Residences on the East Side in Providence and work with the dementia residents. This generally entails helping them with puzzles, crosswords, and other games! No prior experience or training is necessary; that being said, directly before each trip, we would give a brief overview of what you should and should not do. The trips normally take place on Saturday afternoons and, including travel, take no more than 1.5 hours total.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be traveling to any assisted living homes. However, over the school year, we have planned to send care packages to various RI living homes with encouraging cards, letters, and activity sheets. We also plan on sending music videos and hosting virtual Zoom meetings for multiple residences around Providence (including Wingate). 

What Will Care Packages Look Like?

We will send out each package with a cover letter, print-outs of material prepared by club members, and hand-made material, personalizing each package based on facility preferences.

Materials include: cards, letters, jokes, activity sheets with memory-stimulating activities, throwbacks in history...and more! (your ideas included!)

Each of these items can be personalized to residents (in some cases) or on general themes (e.g. sports, animals, etc.). For certain months, we plan to make our packages holiday-themed (e.g. Valentine's for this month!).

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How can I participate?

We are continuing with our care package program, and will be sending out the first care packages of this year in mid-February! Please fill out the form below by Mar. 22, indicating your interests and how much material you'd like to contribute, and we will get back to you with details by Mar. 24. This form is now closed.

Google Form (currently closed for April care packages):

There are several ways you can contribute:

Online Material: 

  • Type a personalized letter online → Linda will print

  • Create an activity/worksheet → Linda will print

  • Create a list of jokes → others can include this in cards/letters they are making

Hand-made Material:

  • Make a handmade card → mail to Linda or scan

  • Make an art piece or activity → mail to Linda or scan

Feel free to also check out this document for more details on care packages:

**THANK YOU for helping out!! Email with any further questions, or click "Get Involved" below. 

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